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Monday, June 27, 2005

Yahoo! finally stepping up to the plate!

Yahoo has shut down some its public chat rooms because some adult users were promoting sexual activities with minors. Of course, it took TV station, KPRC-TV, covering the story for Yahoo to take any action.

It seems there were actually chat rooms with titles such as "Girls 13 and Under for Older Guys". You would think a company as vast as Yahoo would be monitoring their chat rooms a bit more closely. I haven't heard of any children being kidnapped or molested as a direct result of these chat rooms.

Yahoo says that they have strict policies about conduct toward minors and about posting illicit or obscene messages. It seems to be time for Yahoo to start using some blocking and filtering software themselves. Kicking out and blocking repeat rule breakers may be a policy Yahoo should practice as well.

Some companies to commend are Pepsi, State Farm Insurance and Georgia-Pacific who pulled their advertising from the chat sections as a result fo the news broadcast.

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