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Friday, December 02, 2005

Why You Should Be Watching Myspace

Because everybody else is.

This past summer gay rights activists got wind of a Myspace blog written by Zach Starks, a gay 16 year old. In the blog he discusses his parents sending him to Camp Refuge, a camp aimed at setting homosexuals straight. The activists rallied to his side and protested the group running the camp.

In September two college students, Mellie Carballo and Maria Pesantez, died from over dosing on heroin. Both girls had Myspace profiles and their profiles on the site contained many drug references. Many people found their profiles and left remarks both nice and rude.

Also in September Taylor Behl's abduction and murder was eulogized on her Myspace page. Taylor actually spent time talking with her alleged murderer on Myspace.

Just last month it was discovered that David Ludwig and Kara Beth Borden both had Myspace pages. David shot to death Kara Beth's parents in early November and the two fled the state together, though they were caught a few days later in Indiana. On David's page pictures were posted of him hunting and gutting animals.

17 year old Joshua Ballard posted his suicide note on Myspace just 15 minutes before he killed himself with a shotgun. That was only a few days ago.

The press and the blogosphere quickly found these kids' pages as soon as the events occurred. In some instances simply viewing the pages may have prevented the events. There's no way to know for sure. All that is known is that these Myspace pages are peak into the perception of these kids. If parents aren't watching what they're saying who is?


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