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Friday, October 14, 2005

Yahoo! Regulates Chat Rooms

Yahoo! has stepped up to the plate. Until recently Yahoo! allowed users to create unrestricted chat rooms promoting sex between adults and minors. Titles of such chat rooms included "5-13 kiddies who love sex" and "Girls 13-16 for much older guys". With the help of law enforcement agencies Yahoo! has taken such chat rooms and down and revised their rules. Now Yahoo! will pre-screen all chat room names before publicly listing them, has made it easier for users to report child safety threats, eliminated teen category rooms and requires all users to be 18 and older. Read the article.

I'm surprised these rules were not established earlier, however I can't condemn Yahoo! as they have now implemented the necessary precautions. Hopefully when the smaller companies, such as Myspace, see this they will follow suit.


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