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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Is You Kid Web Wise?

Web Wise Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating children about the dangers of online predators and showing them how to make wise choices online. To do this the have created a computer game entitled MISSING. The game is based on a true story of a teenager who was persuaded by an online predator to leave home and cross an international border in order to meet. In the game (designed for kids aged 11-15), kids become detectives so as to find the teenager before he disappears. In so doing, children learn about the methods predators use to harm children and at the end of the game kids are asked to create a personal Internet Safety Plan, which, basically, is a list of guidelines for the child to follow when s/he goes online.

The website has great information regarding family friendly sites, how to obtain the computer game, tips for Internet Safety and more. It will be up in my links section for your future reference. The game actually aided in the capture of an online predator in San Francisco. Definitely check out this site!

Finally, 7 rules for your children from Web Wise Kids:
  1. I will not tell a stranger who I am or where I live.
  2. Me and my parents are a team.
  3. I can say no.
  4. I will share e-mail from strangers with my parents.
  5. Strangers in chat rooms can be good or bad, but they are still strangers.
  6. Safe distance from strangers.
  7. My family and teachers care about me - bad things that happen on the Internet are not my fault.


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