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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Four Ps Regarding Children and the Internet

They are Predators, Privacy, Porn and Piracy. Here's how to protect against each:

Predators: Keep the computer in a common room in the house. Learn who all the names are on your child's instant messenger buddy list. Screen all emails going in and out of the house. You monitoring or blocking software that records conversations as this make become useful later on.

Privacy: Check any online profiles or blogs that your child may have to be sure they are not revealing any personal information about themselves. Do Google searches of their names to find any occurrences of their name being published online and find out what information is published. If necessary contact Webmasters and/or your Internet Service Provider to have private information about your child removed from websites.

Porn: Install monitoring and/or blocking software that prohibits particular websites and chat rooms from being accessed. Keep the computer in a common room and set time limits, as often children use the computer late at night, when parents are asleep in order to access adult material.

Piracy: Learn about peer to peer sharing sites, whose purpose is, generally, to distribute pirated material and block those sites if necessary. Disable any file sharing programs your child may be using such as Kazaa or Limewire. Explain that, although something is available on the Internet, it does not mean that it can be taken without paying. This is the same as stealing and is punishable by law.


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