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Thursday, October 20, 2005

4 Rules ALL Teen Bloggers Should Live By

  • Nasty comments and insulting photos have a way of finding their way to the target. If you wouldn't say something to the person's face, think twice about posting it. Think of it this way, its no longer a matter of he said/she said. When its found on the Internet, your name is attached to it.
  • Don't assume you won't be held responsible for something you copy from another source. Just read this article to see how one student got suspended for copying an image and placing it on his Myspace homepage.
  • The Internet is not private and information lives longer than you think. If you post comments about drinking, drug use or sexual activity, consider that it could be read by relatives, school officials, prospective employers and future girlfriends or boyfriends. From my own experience, my college when I applied, my current employer and my current boyfriend all searched for me over the Internet and found information about me (including my personal blog). It's that easy.
  • The more personal detail you put over the Web - photos, your real name, names of schools, hometown and friends - the more likely it is that strangers can identify you. Withholding your address and phone number isn't enough to ensure privacy.


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