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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Take Some Advice from John Rosemond

John Rosemond is a family psychologist. Many parents out there may have heard of him as he is arguably the most widely read parenting authority. In one of his weekly newspaper columns he answered a question from a parent about how much freedom she should give her 11 and 14 year old children with regard to e-mail and instant messaging. His first response was not to give kids this privilege at all, but conceded that if it is already in place it would be difficult to take away. However, he claims that as a responsible parent randomly checking e-mails, IMs and visited websites is encouraged and any rebellious behavior from the children should be punished with the prohibition of Internet privileges for a said amount of time. I must say that I am inclined to agree with this. Read the column.

John Rosemond has his own website with all kinds of parenting information. Raising teenagers is no easy feat, I am sure (though I have no experience in the matter). He gives great advice and ideas and makes himself available by e-mail to all of his readers. I've added his link to my list for the benefit of my readers.


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