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Monday, September 26, 2005

Online Predators Strike Again

This time in Illinois. 22- year-old Samuel Levitan is accused of raping at least 5 teenage girls from the area that he met through chat rooms on the Internet. Each of the girls agreed to go for a ride with him and he took them to his home and raped them. Investigators from the area believe that there may be more victims afraid to come forward.

Creeps like this prey on the insecurities of teenagers. They find a common interest with these young girls and talk to them about things going on in their lives. Some curious kids actually enter chat rooms with adult titles. Parents should know where their kids are online and how to get in out of these places themselves. They should also know the screen names of every person speaking with their children. Finally, the old fashioned rules still apply. If somebody new comes to pick up your children, make sure you meet them first.

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