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Thursday, September 01, 2005

How Effective Are Parental Control Software Programs?

Computer Which tested six monitoring software programs and found none of them to be up to par as they let through pornographic and racist Internet sites, as well as one Website offering hacking codes. The worst of the bunch were MSN Premium and Norton Internet Security 2005 while Apple's Tiger performed the best. McAffee's Internet Security Suite performed better than both MSN and Norton yet they still only scored a mere 51% in tests. NetNanny, was another popular program that allowed porn and racist material through its software. Here is article 1 and article 2 from which this information has been pulled. When interviewed these companies all responded with the same thing, "Software isn't enough, parents need to be monitoring also."

Well, I agree with that statement, however it disappoints me that parents are paying for programs that aren't working as they are claimed to work. I did a little research myself and found the top four monitoring programs as rated by

I will also cite an article on which discusses whether or not you should monitor your child's online activity. It offers and interesting perspective as well as other ways monitoring software has been used (i.e. such as to monitor a spouse). Monitoring has the potential to become much like big brother and I'm sure that none of us interested in going that far. Please read the article and decide for yourself the best way to protect your children on the Internet.


  • At 8:02 AM, Blogger jon said…

    Parental control software such as WebAllow or AllowBlock is close to a 100% effective. You define sites that can be visited, everything else is blocked


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