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Friday, September 16, 2005

Google Blog Search

Concerned about what kind of information your child is writing in the blog? Google has just launched its own blog search, though still in beta. The tool works the same way the Google search engine works, though it own searches through blogs. You can try searching your child's name, school, or any identifying information that you wouldn't want broadcast to the public. This is a good way to prove that anybody can find info on your child if they want it. Start searching at

Those living in the tech world find this advance by Google great. Since blogging has spread into political and business worlds it takes much less to find a blog by a popular author. However, with this new search it also takes much less to find your children and their online diaries. While they may claim that a blog is like a diary and shouldn't be read, the difference is that blogs are searchable and are seen by the public. I don't think there is anything wrong with using them, however, it is important to screen what kids are putting out onto the World Wide Web.


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