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Monday, September 12, 2005

Cyberbullying Arrests Made

Two girls form West Haven, CT were arrested for harassment of another girl over the Internet. The bullies sent messages to the victim through chat rooms and e-mails, making the victim believe the harassment was actually coming from a 34-yr. old man. Police traced the messages back to the girls. Read the article.

As a parent its important to know that harassment of this nature is taken very seriously. Being arrested in high school is something that will follow these girls. They will have to admit to this crime on their college applications. Kids don't realize the long term effect of their actions a lot of the time. Parents really need to know where their kids are going and who they are talking with online. Also, at least knowing their e-mails addresses, IM usernames and blog accounts is important, even if you aren't reading their messages.


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    Your kids internet safety depends on you, the parent. You can set rules, limit your child’s time online but if you are not actively involved with their Internet usage you will never know if they are putting themselves in danger, that's why we need Parental Control Software.


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