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Monday, August 22, 2005

Help Delete Online Predators

CyberTipline, a site that handles leads from individuals reporting sexual exploitation of minors, is working with the adcouncil on a campaign to stop online sexual predators, HDOP: Help Delete Online Predators. This campaign gives parents advice on how to talk to your child about being safe online. Also included are true stories. Here is an excerpt from a mother talking about her daughter meeting up with a predator she had met in a chat room:
But something told Sara the ordeal wasn't over. She said, "Three weeks later this man came to our home. [Amy] slipped out...with him. He had continued to contact her and it wasn't until this meeting that the man assaulted [Amy], in a motel in our town."
They have included a downloadable reference to online lingo. Even when the computer is located in a central room in the house, kids will use acronyms and abbreviations when talking with friends online. They do this, mainly, so parents or siblings won't be able to read over their shoulders and know what they are saying. You may have seen something like, WIBNI meaning 'Wouldn't it be nice if...' or maybe TTYL meaning 'Talk to you later...'.

Lastly, the HDOP site offers and easy to use reporting system, through cybertipline, if you suspect an online predator. This is a site every parent should have bookmarked. It's a relief to see such positive strides in the right direction when it comes to Internet safety for our children.


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