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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Is This What You Want YOUR Kids Doing Online?

"crux" proved my point.

I'm sure my readers will notice the profanity laden comment on the previous entry. Generally I would delete things of that nature because there was not one well founded opinion in it whatsoever. However, upon following crux's link I was taken to the vampirefreak website and I, consequently, stumbled upon crux's xanga blog .

It turns out that crux is 16 and describes himself as a nympho. He has posted pictures of his, self-defined, body modifications. Again, I don't think I need to add too much commentary here. If you want to see what's out there on the Net; what teens are doing, who they are talking with and what they are saying, simply follow the link. Remember that crux is an extreme example, but a good one nonetheless.

Also, crux vulgarly tells me that he knows how to be safe, yet gives out his personal site with links to his blog, his AIM and YM user names, which give infinite information about him, although he may not realize this. Also, simply by leaving this comment (referred to as flaming) I now have his IP address which tells me his location, what type of Internet service he uses, and much more. This is how cyberbullying begins. Unfortunately, crux offers a perfect example of the immortality complex that most teenagers have.

You'll also notice in his comment that he and his peers frequently engage in sexual discussions and pass around sexually explicit pictures. My guess is that crux is over-exaggerating, probably very much so as many teens actually do go into chat with innocent intentions, however we know that this sort of activity does go on and is very common among kids in his age group.

Again I reiterate, is this what you want your kid doing and how you want your kid behaving online?


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