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Monday, June 27, 2005

Computer Games Kill??

A Russian teenage boy died after playing computer games for 12 hours non-stop. According to doctors the boy had a stroke after playing half a day straight. Apparently the boy stayed in the game club longer than the specified safety regulations. The autopsy revealed that the boy's brain was totally destroyed.

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This concept was kind of hard for me to digest at first read so I did some research and found that gaming addictions are common for kids and parents may not even realize that it's a problem until it's too late. Basically what happens is that the online fantasy world replaces the person's real world. This addiction can actually have psychological and behavioral ramifications. Gaming has become an addiction on the level of alcohol and drugs for kids these days. These kids have a dire need to play computer games even though they know it isn't a productive pastime. This results in intellectual and psychological problems. Behavorial traits such as being short-tempered, irascible or emotionally unstable can be indictators of a gaming addiction.

For a more comprehensive discussion of what gamiing addictions are and what can be done about them check out the International Game Developers Association.


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